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 Předmět příspěvku: Who's the most heroic and famous units in the east?
PříspěvekNapsal: čtv 04. črc 2019 21:46:46 

Registrován: čtv 04. črc 2019 21:44:15
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Hi all,

So I was thinking about the "great patriotic war" or the biggest military theater in the story of mankind and with hundreds of divisions involved, i wanted to know which units on both sides stand out through outstanding performance in your opinion.

I start with:


-13th guards rifle division under Rodimzev: Saved Stalingrad by crossing the Volga under fire and counter attacking and taking back the Mamaja hights from the Wehrmacht. In doing so, the Division saved the Volga river crossings from accurate German Artillery fire.

-4th Tank Brigade under Katukov: Saved Tula and helped to stop the southern arm of the Wehrmacht Moscow offensive. Katukov invented a lot of tactics which were implemented by the red Army later in the War like teaching his Tank commanders how to fix their Tanks or using camouflage measures.

-5th Guards Tank Army under Rotmistrow: Stopped the Operation Citadel in the south. Faced some of the best German armored units and although poorly lead and suffering heavy loses, forced the Germans into the defensive at Prochrovka.

-62nd Army, later 8th Guards Army: Under Tchuikov, the Army saved Stalingrad and went through the "Stalingrad urban fighting school". Later in Germany, it proved to be an expert Army when it came to urban warfare and helped to capture Berlin.


-Guderian's 2nd Panzer Group: Helped to close the massive Kiev pocket. Then turned around without any rest and advanced towards Moscow. Was repulsed at Tula. Guderian later rebuilt the shattered German Panzerwaffe and made it a formidable Force in early 43.

-4th Air Fleet under Von Richthofen: Blasted the way open for Mannstein to take Sevastopol. Then supported successfully the 6th Army on its Road from Don to Volga.

-16th Panzerdivision: Crossed the mighty Don river and reached Volga river in 24 hours. Repulsed several soviet attack from the north against the German spearhead.

Your turn.


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 Předmět příspěvku: Re: Who's the most heroic and famous units in the east?
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