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1.Product introduce
The cannonfish is free to lie down, and when in danger, quickly dives into the coral reef burrow, sticking up its dorsal fin to fasten itself tightly to the burrow.This fish is a voracious eater with extremely sharp teeth that can bite crushed coral.The suitable temperature for 26-28 ℃.Can feed fish, shrimp, pellets and fish, shrimp.It likes to live alone and often hides in the rocks.Do not mix with small fish, coral polyps, sea anemones, etc.
The cannonfish has a rhomboid body, varied colors, and distinctive swimming patterns (by swinging its dorsal and pectoral fins), a small but powerful mouth, and a large head that can be easily identified.
2.Product specifications
Product Name: Frozen Bonito Tuna Fish HGT Tuna
Freezing Way: IQF (Individually Quick Frozen)
Fishing Zone: FAO 04
Catch Way: Trawl
Freezing Area: 1).Sea / Board Frozen; 2).Land Frozen
Types: 1).For Market Sale - Grade A / B; 2).For Canning - Grade C
Size: 200-300G, 300-500G, 750G +, ETC. N.W. / Glazing 98%NW, 95%NW, 100%NW, ETC.
Shipping DOCS: 1).Commerical Invoice; 2).Packing List; 3).Certificate of Origin; 4).Health Certificate; 5).Bill of Loading; 6).Form A / Form E; 7).Others fishing documents as per custmers' need.
3.Life habit
Bonito Tuna is a kind of warm-water and upper-layer migration fish (in the coastal waters of Japan, Bonito Tuna migrates from spring to summer and from autumn to winter.), distributed in a wide range of temperate to tropical regions, mostly clustered in the convergence of cold and warm water masses in the radiation zone and in the sea areas where the water quality is clear.
Bonito fish like to tag whales, sharks and do group swimming, first the water to eat the larger food, the rest of the whale sharks to devour.The dorsal fin has 8 to 9 small fins;14 to 15 anal fins and 8 to 9 anal fins.
Whale sharks also shade bonito, which is a symbiotic relationship.Bonito schools are often found in areas of the ocean with schools of seabirds that hunt for food above the schools.
The young fish, squid, mollusks, and small crustaceans that eat sardines and other fish.Often hundreds of thousands of them travel back to the ocean, feeding on small fish, shrimp and squid. Anchovy is their favorite food.
4.Our company
We have our own processing factory and refrigerating plants. Our cold room can stock more than 6000 tons of frozen fish.
High Quality, Best Service and Steady Supplied is our aim. If you are interested in our products, please don't hezitated to contanct us, We are pleased to answer any questions.
We faithfully hope to establish a long-term and mutually beneficial business relation with you.
Our company has formed a completed chain of cold storage, processing and trade, with modern foreign and domestic professional processing equipment. We obey the principle “Quality First”, and devote to providing high-quality products ad service.
Our company has a skillful and excellent sales team, we are ready to provide good products and service for our clients, we look forward to establishing long-term and stable cooperation relationship with you. China Bonito Tuna

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