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 Předmět příspěvku: Battery For Huawei
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*Compatibility: brand new phone battery replacement.
*Battery Type: Non-removable and removable Li-Polymer Battery both available.
*Capacity: same as the original batteries.
*Battery is of the same size as original battery, and will fit your phone 100%.
*Adhesive: pre-installed (or we can send you extra adhesive and you can install yourself, but pls let us know when you place order to us).
*Condition: all batteries are brand new 100% without scratches.
*Using a gel like electrolyte polymer lithium battery is safer than refuse to use.
*It’s safe and reliable to charge and discharge.
*The imported IC are the best one which will prevent overcharging and over-discharging and protect your mobile phone.
*Security and environment: Double protection functions. Both IC and PCB electric board will can protect charge, discharge and avoid short circuit.
How To Install / Tips:
*Keep batteries out of over heat.
*Please properly dispose of your broken or useless batteries by dropping them off at a household hazardous waste (HHW) facility.
- The battery must be fully recharged before use.
- A temporary short capacity of new battery will be resulted from not used for a long time, it is normal, the total capacity will be reinstated via used for 3-5 times.
- When first get the battery, please use it out, and make sure charge for 8 hours for the first 3 times, use it out again. Later it will take only 5 hours to charge it full.
- Do not use inferior charger to recharge this battery in case of damaging the battery.
- Do not disassemble or change the structure of the battery.
- Do not put the battery in the charger too long.
- Do not expose the battery to moisture and water, do not put it in high temperature environment.
- Do not impact the battery.
- Put it beyond the reach of children.
- The best storage temperature is 20°C--5°C.
- Do not remove the battery label.
*We are not responsible for any damage caused during installation.
How To Save Electricity?
*Reduce phones the screen brightness.
*When you don't need can to close the WIFI, BLUETOOTH GPS, 3g or 4g, or some plugins.
*In the set close you don't need software according to notice.
*Open the software too much the CPU run speed up phone to speed up the heat, Power consumption to speed up, so need quit don't need the software, Take it really out of the background run.
*Android phone Install the software too much can also reduce the standby time and use time, so you can delete often do not use the software.
Test Tips:
*Please do not use the following method to check the capacity of the phone battery:
- Test tools can only be used to test power equipment voltage, and can’t be used to test the voltage of battery.
- Phone APP program will only get the default original capacity, and can’t get the real result of the battery, so the test is invalid.
- Do not tear battery labels, it may cause leakage of liquid, it’s insecure.
Models Available For Others Phone Batteries:
Replacement for iPhone Battery
Replacement for iPod Battery
Replacement for iPad Battery
Replacement for iWatch Battery
Replacement for MacBook Battery
Replacement for LG Battery
Replacement for HTC Battery
Replacement for Google Pixel Battery
Replacement for Nexus Battery
Replacement for Asus Battery
Replacement for Sony Battery
Replacement for Nokia Battery
Replacement for Huawei Battery
Replacement for ZTE Battery
Replacement for WIKO Battery
Replacement for Xiaomi Battery
Replacement for Alcatel BatteryBattery For Huawei

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