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Time to increase max Stamina KANO
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Autor:  JensenBreck [ čtv 21. pro 2017 14:45:24 ]
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How many years ago was it when Kano decided that the max stam would be 5000 up to level 5000 and 7500 up to level 10,000???
That would be great if no one ever exceeded level 15,000. But there are people at 20k, 30k, 40k... The game needs to progress over time like you do with the new achievements coming out ever so often. Once you get to level 30k a refill can barely get you 4 levels and the energy needed is crazy. I know people have complained about this for a long time, but we need more people yelling at Kano until they listen!

I would love to see some kind of gradual increase in max stam as you level. Something like between level 5000 and 10k where it slowly goes up. So why stop at level 10k? Why not have gradual increase of 1000 stam from level 10k to 20k, or 500 stam even. Then another 1000 or 500 even from level 20k to 30k and so on.

How do you expect these higher level players to keep up with everyone else? Is it fair that our FP for refills doesn't count as much as everyone else? Why does Kano punish long time players for playing their game?

Please Help.

Thanks !

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